One of the hardest things in evangelism is building relationships. We are called to reach out to our culture, our neighbors, but it is difficult to get past superficiality on one hand or being intrusive on the other.

Sports ministry puts us at center court. The language of the game is universally understood. God has used sports ministry very powerfully all over the world. It is a wide bridge to our culture. The ReadySetGO Training Conference will teach you the fundamentals. It will equip you and your church to utilize sports ministry effectively.
Are you a ministry leader looking to effectively reach your community?

We want to help you do just that.
The ReadySetGO Training Conference will equip you to:
Attract sports lovers to your church
Give youth ministry a new momentum
Discover the power of experiential learning
Know what the Bible says about God and sport
Start a sports ministry in your church
Broaden your vision for sports ministry worldwide